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  • Develop a positive mindset around writing your first book using skills that you have today
  • Understand the ways that writing a book changes the trajectory of your life and your career
  • Understand what it takes to get started as you begin this new journey
  • Start to build a plan and set goals to write your book that will not overwhelm you
  • Learn the ways in which your book will lead to higher credibility, authority, exposure, and lead to additional career opportunities

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About Doctor Jarret

Jarret “Doctor Jarret” Patton MD FAAP has served thousands of families in eastern Pennsylvania through his dedicated career as a pediatrician and Medical Director for over 20 years. His servant leadership and devotion to advocating for children’s issues has led him to become a change agent in the healthcare field. As a former President of Medical Staff at an 8-hospital system, Doctor Jarret has worked with fellow leaders to promote both children’s health and equity in challenging and complex environments. Throughout his career as a pediatrician and medical director, he has remained an advocate for children's health issues. Additionally, he has advised many regional and national committees for organizations including The Joint Commission, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Hospital Association. 

He is an accomplished author and has written 4 independent and best-selling books. His #1 best-selling and 2019 Indie Authors Legacy Award-winning book Licensed To Live: A Primer to Rebuilding Your Life After Your Career is Shattered helps guide professionals through sudden career transitions. Furthermore, he is well-published in the medical literature and contributed to books primarily in the areas of entrepreneurship, pediatrics, and health equity.

Doctor Jarret received his B.S. in Chemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana. After completing undergraduate studies, he attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine to complete his medical degree. He also completed his pediatric residency at New York University and Bellevue Hospitals in NYC.

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